Madewest Brewing Lady Maker's Art Show / by Alyssa Ramirez

If you know me you know I am a huge craft brew enthusiast.  So when the opportunity was presented to be a part of the Lady Makers Art Show at Madewest Brewing Company in Ventura, California, I enthusiastically jumped at it.  Madewest often holds art shows with a different theme for each one. This past July 2017 was one that focused on local female artists. The installments ranged from photography and paintings, to poets, musicians, and candle makers. 

Madewest Art Show.jpg

One talented poet, Kali Bennett, was writing pieces for individuals who gave her 4 specific words. My friends and I each gave her a few words that described us and our particular situations in our lives.  Her pieces were so spot on to what we each were individually experiencing.  What amazed me was that the poems weren't generic in a manner that could be construed to apply to just anyone.  I appreciated her talent to read people and create something very in tuned to those person's emotions.

I wouldn't say that I am a person who can easily identify and define my emotions but I find photography to be a great outlet and form of expression. Composition, colors, exposure, all of these elements combined tell a story and tweaking one component of the image can create something different or magnify a detail that could have once been hidden in a photograph.  One of my favorite things to do is re-edit an image I have already edited.  I try to go as far of a direction I created on my first edit and still get something I am happy with.  It forces me to be resourceful and push my creative bounds to create something I did not think of before.  As a result, the image evokes a whole new emotion that was not portrayed before. 

I feel that everyone's creative work is ever-changing.   We all develop our own style in our work yet it evolves over time.  I find much of my inspiration from other artists, so this show really lit a fire under me to reach into my creative bank and challenge myself to produce work outside of what I generally shoot.

Madewest Lady Makers Art Show  (1 of 1).jpg


If you'd like to check out the many talented artists of the Lady Makers Art Show the pieces will be on display through the end of August, 2017.   And if you drop by, let me know what you think!